Emplace College Boarding Facilities

 Our boarding facilities, apart from being in a serene environment and having a godly atmosphere with high ethical standard, also have endearing advantages. Some of which are: 1. Emplace Boarding school has qualified teachers as their house-parents who see their work as a calling – not a job.  2. Children at our boarding school benefit from small classes and heightened interaction between students and their teachers. 3. The residential campus environment ensures that students are immersed in an educational world where learning is central to all activities. It’s a unique setting that promotes common experience, camaraderie, friendship, trust and honesty between children and adults. 4.  Boarding school students are uniquely prepared for university life. Graduates often end up attending the finest universities. In addition, they arrive at college better prepared for academic rigor because of they learned how to be responsible at boarding school. 5.  Students are conditioned for

Technology and the 21st Century

  The place of technology in education today cannot be overemphasized. The reality in the world today brings home the usefulness and importance of the use of technology tools in learning, and as technology continues to advance, so does education and what students need to know to perform a variety of tasks. One of the most important changes includes how students look for and gather information. Although students still need to be able to “read, write, speak and calculate”, those skills have been extended to match the 21 st century. Students in the past typically just used books, textbooks, and encyclopedias. They just had to read their information and understand what they were reading. Now, students have access to a higher volume of materials due to their access to the Internet. This requires students to do more than just read and understand, but to evaluate their sources before they read and gather information about it.    Students also need to learn how to use and manipulate their

Emplace College: WWTBAM

Recently, the program "Who wants to be a Millionaire?" was organized for the students of Emplace College It was an exciting time for the students as they competed favorably against one another with a JSS 1 student emerging the overall winner.